Club Kids Swimming

Daily swim schedule determined by the club directors

IM Swimming

Registered Boys and Girls Club members will have swim times scheduled twice a week during the school year and every day during summer. Sessions will be one hour long and will be supervised by two lifeguards. Each swimmer needs to have permission from parents and must always wear nylon or spandex swim suit when attending pool time. No cotton basketball shorts will be permitted.

As an added bonus for our Boys & Girls Club members, Group Swim Lessons will be offered at a 50% discount ($25) for the two week session. Please call to find out dates and times for our next offered group sessions.

IM Swimming picture 2

Our Boys & Girls Club of Nacogdoches is currently in partnership with the Michael Phelps Foundations and able to offer Free Swim Lessons to the Nacogdoches Club members at various eight week sessions throughout the school year and summer.

Please inquire about the opportunity to sign up for these free swim lessons with the club staff. Swimmers will need to have a swim suit and towel to participate.

We hope to be able to offer this same program to our Lufkin Club members soon.