Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of attending the pool? - Attending simply includes paying our daily fee of $5 for Nacogdoches or $3 for Lufkin pools or buying a punch card ($50 for Lufkin or $60 for Nacogdoches). Each punch card has 20 stars printed on them representing 20 visits to the pool. When all visits are used up you may then decide to buy another card.

What are your Lap/Open swim hours? - Our hours do change from summer and school year so it is important to check periodically. For our current pool hours click the button above.

How often do your pool hours change? - We typically adjust, add to, or change our pool schedule during the School-year to Summer transition (early June) and back again as school starts back up (mid to late August).

Am I eligible to join a swim team? - Our basic requirements for joining either the Ambush Swim Team (18 & under) or ETEX Masters Team (18 & over) is that the athlete is able to swim from one end of the pool to the other end unassisted and without walking on the bottom of the pool. All athletes should consult a physician before doing strenuous exercise.

Are babies and infants allowed in the pool? - Although we do not have an age limitation we do require that any person be potty trained and out of diapers before swimming. "Swim diapers" are not allowed in the pool.

Why is the pool closed when there is thunder & lightning? - Due to the vast network of underground wiring and pipes surrounding the pool facility we still take care that lightning strikes can be conducted to the large body of water indoors. Our policy is to stop and remove swimmers from the water for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.

Does the pool offer a rain check? - We do not offer a rain check for bad weather. Patrons should consider weather conditions before attending the pool.