Water Aerobics Classes

aerobics photoAlthough our classes are offered year-round, when it's the time for hot weather, it becomes difficult to workout, because of excessive heat. And on the top of it, when one has to exercise in the same old manner, it leads to monotony. It's during this time when water aerobic workouts serve as an excellent way to beat the summer heat. Not only will it enable you to lose weight, but it is very enjoyable.

There are multiple benefits of water aerobics. One big benefit is that it doesn't cause any kind of major stress on the joints and because it is done in water, it is extremely safe. Usually this wonderful aquatic exercise lasts for about 50 minutes and incorporates all components: as in warm up, stretching and cooling down. Water based aerobic exercise is a very distinctive kind of physical activity that consists of rhythmic dance movements. As a person proceeds from beginner level to the advanced stage, more intricate dance steps are incorporated.

As compared to the exercises done on the land, water aerobic exercises are more effective and lead to a loss of about 450 to 700 calories per hour. Water aerobics is carried out in chest deep water and make use of floatation devices. It enhances muscular endurance and improves cardiovascular fitness. To increase your flexibility and building strength, there can be nothing better than performing water aerobic workout.