Clubs Special Services


We try to offer as many additional services to our members and families as possible. Here is a list of community services that your local Boys & Girls Club may offer.


  • School to Club transportation – All our clubs have a great relationship with the local school district and are able to offer school to club transportation. Contact the school bus barn to learn about the specific schedule for your child.
  • Free Meal Program – All of our clubs can offer an after school meals and during the summer program breakfast and lunch. All meal programs are USDA quality food programs.
  • Texas Alliance Programing – The TEXSYN program we run at 5 of the 6 clubs offer a free membership to enrolled members.
  • Volunteering – Our Clubs are a great way for people to give back. If you have a special skill you may want to consider volunteering.
  • Medicaid – In some communities specific Medicaid programs may be able to cover your School year and/or Summer membersips. Check with your local club for information on this.

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