Lehmann Swim Center 2712 Park St, Nacogdoches, Texas

The Lehmann Swim Center is located in historic Nacogdoches, TX. Since its opening in 2002 the goal has been to develop the sport of swimming and to help develop healthy activities in the community.
On any given day this swim center hosts several swim activities including acting as the training and swim meet facility for the Nacogdoches high school, Ambush swim team, and Ambush Masters swim team. We are a 25 yard competition size pool with 7 lap swimming lanes and an offset shallow area and entry. The entire pool and surrounding deck is covered and heated. Water temperature set to 82 degrees to allow for better blood flow to the muscles and range of motion for the entire body.

Lufkin Swim Center 909 S. Angelina, Lufkin, Texas
The Lufkin Swim Center is located in historic Lufkin, TX. Opened in May 2007 Lufkin has been involved in promoting health to not only to its members but the public also.
Lufkin Swim Center offers several water activities and programs to the community every day. This swim center  host practice and meet facility for LHS, HHS, PWCA, Ambush swim team and Ambush Masters swim team. We are a 25 yard competition size pool with 8 lap swimming lanes and an offset shallow area and entry. The entire pool and surrounding deck is covered and heated. Water temperature set to 82 degrees to allow for better blood flow to the muscles and range of motion for the entire body. Locker rooms are also available for public use.

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Public/Open Swim

Our pools remain open year-round for all communities around Lufkin or Nacogdoches. We offer several sessions per day for the public to exercise or enjoy recreation swimming. There are two ways of paying entry to the pools; Drop in fee or use of the 20-visit punch card. Please see the swim schedule on the right hand side for updated sessions and cost.

Swim Lessons  & Swim Team

Boys & Girls Club Aquatics can work with anyone from no swimming experience to expert swimmers that want to improve their swim stroke. For our new swimmers the goal is to increase comfort level in the water while teaching good body position, breathing technique, and arm motion. For the more experienced swimmer we can work on improving technique on all four strokes, introducing competitive dives and flip-turns, and introduce them to workout conditions.

Private Lessons – Group Instructors and Ambush Swim Team Coaches are available to offer private swim lesson instruction during open/lap swim times when Lifeguards are able to supervise. General admission fee will still apply to private lesson clients. If interested in connecting with an instructor contact Erik at the Admin office 936-560-6844 or email aquatics@bgcdet.org

Ambush Swim School – Our small group lessons cost $40 per 8 sessions and run for a month. There is a once per year registration for 5-18 yr old for provisional Club membership. We can offer them on a Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday schedules using Friday as a bad weather make-up day. Groups of 5 or smaller are instructed using the 4 levels set up by the Ambush Swim Curriculum. Schedules are different at our two pools so please contact us to find out the specifics about each pool schedule.

Ambush Swim Team – Offers both Year-round USA Swimming practices and competitions as well as a 9 week Summer League program. It is strongly recommended that interested members enroll in a minimum of one month of Ambush Swim School lessons to improve skills before joining the swim team. If you wish to learn more about our swim team please visit www.ambushswimming.com

Current swim lesson forms and schedule:

Lessons on hold until Social Distance restrictions are lifted


If you’re looking for a place to host your next birthday blow-out, then look no further. The Boys & Girls Club offers pool rentals for any school or private party. Use of the facility includes a two hour private pool session; supervision by trained lifeguards, locker room and deck use, as well as the patio attached which is perfect for Bar-B-Qs.

The cost of the two hour rental is $150, for up to 25 swimmers, due at scheduling. If you feel that there will be more than 25 swimmers we would need to have additional lifeguard staff and would charge accordingly. We offer various time spots on Saturdays, and in some cases we may be able to adjust the times spots depending on lifeguard availability.

To book your rental follow the steps below:

There will be no rentals until further notice

Water Aerobics Classes
Our classes are offered year-round and when it’s the time for hot weather, it becomes difficult to workout, because of excessive heat. And on the top of it, when one has to exercise in the same old manner, it leads to monotony. It’s during this time when water aerobic workouts serve as an excellent way to beat the summer heat. Not only will it enable you to lose weight, but it is very enjoyable.

There are multiple benefits of water aerobics. One big benefit is that it doesn’t cause any kind of major stress on the joints and because it is done in water, it is extremely safe. Usually this wonderful aquatic exercise lasts for about 50 minutes and incorporates all components: as in warm up, stretching and cooling down. Water based aerobic exercise is a very distinctive kind of physical activity that consists of rhythmic dance movements. As a person proceeds from beginner level to the advanced stage, more intricate dance steps are incorporated.

As compared to the exercises done on the land, water aerobic exercises are more effective and lead to a loss of about 450 to 700 calories per hour. Water aerobics is carried out in chest deep water and make use of flotation devices. It enhances muscular endurance and improves cardiovascular fitness. To increase your flexibility and building strength, there can be nothing better than performing water aerobic workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of attending the pool?Attending simply includes paying our daily fee of $5 for Nacogdoches or $3 for Lufkin pools or buying a punch card ($50 for Lufkin or $60 for Nacogdoches). Each punch card has 20 stars printed on them representing 20 visits to the pool. When all visits are used up you may then decide to buy another card.

What are your Lap/Open swim hours?Our hours do change from summer and school year so it is important to check periodically. For our current pool hours click the button above.

How often do your pool hours change?We typically adjust, add to, or change our pool schedule during the School-year to Summer transition (early June) and back again as school starts back up (mid to late August).

Am I eligible to join a swim team?Our basic requirements for joining either the Ambush Swim Team (18 & under) or Ambush   Masters Team (18 & over) is that the athlete is able to swim from one end of the pool to the other end unassisted and without walking on the bottom of the pool. All athletes should consult a physician before doing strenuous exercise.

Are babies and infants allowed in the pool?Although we do not have an age limitation we do require that any person be potty trained and out of diapers before swimming. “Swim diapers” are not allowed in the pool.

Why is the pool closed when there is thunder & lightning? Due to the vast network of underground wiring and pipes surrounding the pool facility we still take care that lightning strikes can be conducted to the large body of water indoors. Our policy is to stop and remove swimmers from the water for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.

Does the pool offer a rain check?We do not offer a rain check for bad weather. Patrons should consider weather conditions before attending the pool.

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